Tuesday, December 22, 2009

R.L. Dabney: Faith is the instrument of receiving Christ's justifying righteousness

R.L. Dabney explains that the relative strength or weakness of our faith does not determine the degree to which we are justified in God's sight:

The important principle has already been stated, that justification must be as complete as its meritorious ground. Since faith is only the instrument of its reception, the comparative weakness or strength of faith will not determine any degrees of justification in different Christians. Feeble faith which is living truly leads to Christ, and Christ is our righteousness alone. Our justifying righteousness is in Christ. The office of faith, is simply to be the instrument for instituting the union of the believing soul to Him; so that it may "receive of His fullness grace for grace." (R.L. Dabney, Systematic Theology, Chapter 23: Justification)

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