Sunday, December 27, 2009

John Robbins: The blasphemous charge of antinomianism against Paul's doctrine of justification demonstrates he taught justification apart from works

John Robbins explains the separation -- in history and in modern times -- between those who teach salvation by faith alone and those who heretically and damnably add works:

The Bible clearly and emphatically teaches that a sinner is saved by belief of the Gospel alone, "apart from the deeds of the law." That is why the blasphemous charge of antinomianism arose against the Gospel in the first place. If Paul and the other apostles had taught a false gospel of faith plus obedience as the way of salvation, the charge of antinomianism would never have been brought against them. Neither Rome nor many so-called "Reformed" theologians seem to understand that salvation is not a result of good works; good works are a result of salvation. It was that difference that divided the Christians from the Romanists in the sixteenth century, and it is that difference that divides the Christians from the Romanists in the twenty-first century. (John Robbins, R.C. Sproul on Saving Faith)

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