Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brian Schwertley: The Entire Weight of God's Just Judgment and Wrath Fell Upon Christ When He Suffered Punishment on the Cross

God does not overlook sin or arbitrarily pardon it, but judges it and punishes it in Christ. Jesus’ death was the demonstration of the justifying judgment of God. … Because Christ has suffered the penalty in the place of His people, they are pardoned, forgiven and forever released from punishment.

–Brian Schwertley, A Defense of the “Active Obedience” of Jesus Christ In The Justification of Sinners: A Biblical Refutation of Norman Shepherd on the Preceptive Obedience of the Savior

Francis Turretin: Christ Infinitely Satisfied the Punishment of Death and Merited the Reward of Life for Us

The obedience of Christ has a twofold efficacy, satisfactory and meritorious; the former by which we are freed from the punishments incurred by sin; the latter by which (through the remission of sin) a right to eternal life and salvation is acquired for us. For as sin has brought upon us two evils - the loss of life and exposure to death - so redemption must procure the two opposite benefits - deliverance from death and a right to life, escape from hell and an entrance into heaven.

-Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, vol. II, p. 447