Friday, December 25, 2009

A.W. Pink: Everyone should know how to be right with God

A.W. Pink explains the importance of justification, which involves our standing before the holy, sovereign, and just God of all:

... the truth of justification is far from being a mere piece of abstract speculation. No, it is a statement of Divinely revealed fact; it is a statement of fact in which every member of our race ought to be deeply interested in. Each one of us has forfeited the favor of God, and each one of us needs to be restored to His favor. If we are not restored, then the outcome must inevitably be our utter ruin and hopeless perdition. How fallen creatures, how guilty rebels, how lost sinners, are restored to the favor of God, and given a standing before Him inestimably superior to that occupied by the holy angels, will (D. V.) engage our attention as we proceed with our subject. (A.W. Pink, Justification, ch. 1)

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