Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greg Bahnsen: Christ's perfect righteousness make justification possible in terms of God's perfect nature

Greg Bahnsen explains that God's justice and grace are manifested in the full justification of sinners through Christ's righteousness in obeying the precepts and satisfying the penalties:
God could only forgive sins in a manner which is consistent with His holiness; in salvation righteousness and peace must kiss each other (Ps. 85:9f). Consequently, salvation with[out] justification is impossible, and justification without righteousness is inconceivable. There must be perfect righteousness in the reign of God’s grace for our salvation. Therefore, Scripture centers on the obedience of Christ – both active and passive – because it is the necessary requirement for the full justification of sinners. (Emphasis Bahnsen; Theonomy in Christian Ethics, p. 152; source: John Otis)

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