Monday, December 21, 2009

Brian Schwertley: Justification of sinners requires penal and preceptive obedience

Brian Schwertley on the imputation of Christ's "active" (positive/preceptive) and "passive" (negative/penal) obedience:

The most important question facing any man, woman or child is: how does a person become right with God? How can a person who cannot perfectly obey the law, who has the guilt of sin, be justified and have peace and fellowship with Jehovah? The biblical answer is simple. In order for men, who are sinners, to have eternal life the guilt and penalty of sin must be removed. In addition, men must have a perfect and perpetual record of obedience to God’s law. When these two things are accomplished men can be justified or declared righteous before God. Thus, justification contains two elements: one negative and the other positive. (Brian Schwertley, A Defense of the “Active Obedience” of Jesus Christ In The Justification of Sinners: A Biblical Refutation of Norman Shepherd on the Preceptive Obedience of the Savior)

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