Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Murray's analysis of the nature of the atonement

John Murray's analysis of the nature of the atonement, outlined:

In this series we will see how John Murray, from the penal substitutionary perspective, analyzes the atonement in terms of man's relationship to God and his problem with sin. Specifically, Murray deals with the following, providing abundant Scriptural support:
  1. Christ's obedience, by which we were constituted righteous before God and freed from condemnation;
  2. Christ's sacrifice and expiation, which removed from us the liability of guilt due to sin;
  3. Christ's propitiation, which dealt with the Father's wrath that abides on sinners;
  4. Christ's reconciliation, which removed, first and foremost, God's alienation from us and then, secondarily, our alienation from Him, restoring us to peace with God;
  5. Christ's work of redemption, purchasing us from bondage as slaves and criminals under sin.

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